The Fairies and the Friends

Note from Jennifer: I’m so excited to share this guest post today!  It is a little piece of fiction from my daughter, Grace.  She is a ferociously willed little girl, with a creative streak that startles and delights me.  Enjoy her first self-published story! (Unfortunately, my photography equipment could not do justice to the beautiful illustrations, but I may be able to scan those at a later time.)


Once upon a time there was two fairies named Kyrie and Gracie.

They had a bunch of other friends that were fairies too.

But there was only one fairy that had all the powers in the kingdom called Beautiful Jewels.

The other set of fairies lived in another Kingdom called Pretty Pink.

The king and queen’s names of the first kingdom were Miss Napper and Mr. David.

The other king and queen of the second kingdom had different names.

Their names were Miss Rittenhouse and Mr. Chen.

Then the fairies of Pretty Pink went to Beautiful Jewels.

They were trying to help Miss Napper and Mr. David, but Miss Napper and Mr. David didn’t think that the fairies of Pretty Pink were trying to help them.

But the fairies from Pretty Pink, tell Mr. David and Miss Napper that they are going to help them and not be mean to them and take their jewels.

And the King and Queen believed them and that’s the most happy ending ever.

The end.


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